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Suzan Sequoia
Professional Organizer 
Suzan is passionate about organizing because it brings the simplicity in life people are looking for.
Side-by-side with individuals, small business owners, and executives and their staff, Suzan gives people the tools and inspiration to realize the organized space they've only dreamed about. She makes organizing a fun and meaningful adventure!
Prior to her career as an organizer, she had roles in a variety of industries: remodeling project coordinator, the general contractor for the building of her family's dream home, Maitre D’, office manager, and development director for a non-profit organization helping abused and neglected children.
As the thread of organizing wove its way through each position, Suzan became aware of her true calling. In 2005 she launched her professional organizing business, Adventures In Organizing.
Currently she lives on Mount Madonna in California with her array of animals, both domestic and wild! She enjoys working out of her home office in the redwoods.
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